Manna’s Culinary Arts Program

Our Culinary Arts Program teaches people new skills and helps them obtain gainful employment in the food industry. We graduate two classes each year with an approximate 80 percent job placement rate. The Culinary Arts Program is open to the community and is the only one of its kind in the region. We’re also contributing to the talent pool, which assists local establishments in employing the staff they require.

Cookies & Catering for a Cause

When you hire Manna to bake cookies for your business or event, you’re helping our culinary students master their talents while also supporting our social enterprise program, which financially contributes to feeding those in need. Additionally, the culinary school takes on small catering jobs with the mission of bettering our community.

The Community Garden

In cooperation with the Garden Project, Manna’s on-site garden allows the organization to rely less on donations and more on its own food source. It also makes available opportunities for independent cooking through Manna’s free produce stand, which is open on Wednesday evenings to food insecure families and individuals.

Take-Home Backpack Program

Our take-home student backpack program ensures that children are being fed outside of Manna’s normal operating hours. Food insecure families in the 9R school district or those involved in the Ignacio Boys & Girls Club are eligible for the program. Caring for our children in the community is a top priority for Manna. We’ve also installed playground equipment on the Manna grounds so children feel supported and welcomed.

Growing Opportunities. Feeding Community.