Get Involved and Help Us Reach Our Goals

Historically, Manna has been known for providing healthy meals in a safe and respectful environment for those in need. While this continues to be the backbone of our organization, the overall goal of Manna is to help people achieve greater self-sufficiency. By assisting people in learning new skills and securing gainful employment, we are addressing a root cause of poverty, hunger, crime, hardship and homelessness. Help us be part of the solution by getting involved today.

Become a Partner or Sponsor

Community collaboration opens the door to many opportunities and allows Manna to expand its outreach. We’re always looking for ways to better the lives of the people we serve and help those who are chronically unemployed or underemployed. An ongoing goal of Manna is to build upon our relationship with the community, while the community builds upon its relationship with Manna. Together, we can foster a strong foundation for shared prosperity and enhance the overall health of our community. Let’s connect and make a difference today.

Become a Volunteer

When people give of their time and talents, it reinforces Manna’s efforts and positively influences the vitality of our region. Opportunities for volunteering are available seven days a week and include cooking, serving food, cleaning, food pick-ups, working in the garden and more. Maybe you even provide a professional service our clients need. Call Aaron Marshall at (970) 385-5095, ext. 6 or email

Donate Today

Manna continues to maintain strong community-wide support and is recognized for its longevity of services and fiscal astuteness. Community backing is required to fund and run all of Manna’s programs and services. When you make a monetary donation, it helps leverage purchases of large quantities of food at deeply discounted prices through Care & Share and US Foods. Of the money donated to Manna, 40 percent comes from grants, 23 percent from fundraisers, 29 percent from Individuals and churches, 5 percent from businesses, and  percent from program revenue. Click here to donate now because no one should ever go hungry.

Did you know…

  • Manna serves over 60,000 meals each year
  • Volunteers donate nearly 12,000 hours each year
  • 74% of the funding Manna receives goes directly to serve clients 
  • Manna offers a take-home food program for Durango School District 9-R & Southern Ute Boys and Girls Club children in need
  • Manna’s garden project provides food for its kitchen and culinary program
  • Manna has a free & fresh produce stand for qualified individuals
  • Manna’s culinary program is the only one in the region; anyone can enroll
  • Manna receives over $250,000 in food donations each year
  • Manna offers a facilities maintenance internship to its clients
  • Manna does not receive funding from the federal government
  • Only 14% of our expenses are spent on management expenses
  • Better services do not lead to greater homelessness; better services lead to greater self-sufficiency

Growing Opportunities. Feeding Community.