Manna Garden 2016


Garden Results-

The Manna Market free produce stand has been an incredible success this year. The Manna Market provides free produce to food insecure families and produce to food secure community members with a suggested donation. The market is open from 4:30 to 6 pm on Wednesday evenings. The produce for the stand comes from the Manna Garden, Durango Farmer’s Market vendors, other local farmers, and backyard gardeners. This year’s Manna Market free produce stand is serving an average of 50 community members/week. WIC has partnered with The Garden Project and Manna Soup Kitchen to advertise the market in local media, provide recipes, and to collect data on food insecurity and access to healthy foods.

Manna Soup Kitchen, The Garden Project, and Cooking Matters partnered to provide a 6 week intensive, hands on cooking class to Manna clients and community members. The class covered cooking tips + techniques, stretching your food dollar, and tips to get your family to try new healthy foods. Students left the class each week with a bag of delicious and healthy groceries. The Manna Cooking Matters class had 8 graduates from the program!

Volunteers at the Manna Garden have already completed over 900 hours of community service! This is already twice as many volunteer hours as the entire season of 2015! Thank you volunteers for all of your hard work and dedication!

The Manna Garden has produced close to 700 pounds of produce so far to be distributed at the Manna Market free produce stand and to be used in the kitchen.


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