Board of Directors

Michael Goldman


Laura Bohachevsky


Ron Hoenninger


Zebulon Smith


Janene Bettin

Sandra Beirne

Mike Tichi

Matt Harper

Mike Bray

Jeff Saville

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Madeline Marquardt

Staff Directory

Ann Morse
Executive Director
(970) 385-5095 ext. 7

Heather Hinsley
Culinary Manager
(970) 385-5095 ext. 4

Sharon Scott

Seanan Culloty
(970) 385-5095 ext. 5

Erika Morin
Support Service Specialist
(970) 385-5095 ext. 3

Ann Morse

Executive Director

Heather Hinsley

Culinary Manager

Erika Morin

Support Service Specialist

Seanan Culloty


Pam Gibson

Facility Assistant

Cathy Alfandre

Facility Assistant

Ann Morse - Executive Director

Ann has been an active member of the Durango community for the last 15 years. She owned and managed the Lost Dog Bar and Lounge in downtown Durango for 11 years. Ann then was an Executive Assistant/Project Manager at Axis Health System before serving as the Director of the La Plata County Humane Society Thrift Store. Originally from Virginia, she possesses a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Economics from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Ann brings strong leadership and business savvy to her position at Manna, and enjoys sharing the importance and value of Manna's mission with the community. To reach Ann, please email her at or call (970) 385-5095 ext. 7.

Heather Hinsley - Culinary Manager

Inspired by family cooks and bakers, Heather began tinkering with family recipes at a young age. With over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, she has earned recognition as an artist through her presentation of food, both sweet and savory. Heather is a graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and has been teaching cooking, baking, and cake decorating classes and facilitating using food as art with nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. She enjoys combining her love of food with the visual arts and developing edible art. She hopes to bring her passion for food and art along with her many years of real-world experience in the culinary field to Manna’s Culinary Program. To reach Heather, please email her at or call (970) 385-5095 ext. 4.

Erika Morin - Support Service Specialist

Erika spent several years in college volunteering at a soup kitchen, an experience which helped solidify her desire to serve others. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in geography/urban & regional planning, she began her career in city planning through internships with the City of Gainesville, Florida. There, she had the opportunity to cut her teeth in local government before deciding to relocate to Durango to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer. She then came to Manna and, as Manna’s Support Service Specialist, Erika aims to lend a supportive ear in a respectful environment in the hopes of helping each of Manna's clients achieve their goals. To reach Erika, please email her at or call (970) 385-5095 ext. 3.

Seanan Culloty - Chef/Manager

Originally from Traverse City, Michigan, Seanan earned his culinary degree from the Great Lakes Culinary Institute. Drawn to the Rockies due to his love of the outdoors, he relocated to Colorado before eventually settling in Durango, where he has worked in several restaurants, including seven years as the executive chef at local Durango favorite Ken & Sue’s. Seanan enjoys being part of an organization that is making a difference and hopes to bring outstanding, high quality food to Manna while being of service to the community he loves. To reach Seanan, please email him at or call (970) 385-5095 ext. 5.

Pam Gibson - Facility Assistant

Pam was a longtime volunteer at Manna before becoming a staff member. She also spent time helping at the Denver Rescue Mission. Generally, there’s someone within an organization who wears many hats and at Manna, it’s Pam. From coordinating the student backpack program that offers meals for food insecure children to stocking goods and looking after facility upkeep, Pam’s the all-around employee who gets things done. She brings to her role at Manna a listening ear and desire to help those in need. Tackling problems and finding solutions together is what she strives to do at Manna. No matter what’s being called for, she’s always willing to lend a hand.

Cathy Alfandre - Facility Assistant

Cathy's 20 years in the food service industry began when she realized she had a knack for feeding large groups of people volunteering at her daughter's school art show. This led her to open Durango's first catering food truck, RoadRunner Catering, which she operated from 1997 to 2007. She then went on to become the Chef/Innkeeper at the former Lightner Creek Inn. Then, as Durango's first fromager, she helped established the gourmet cheese department at City Market. In the Manna kitchen, Cathy gains satisfaction from serving those who are serving others, which happens when she is able to facilitate the enthusiasm of volunteer cooks of all levels so that their experience is positive and they feel invested in Manna's mission.